Samsung's Test Menus

A dpreview forum post reports that you can access the test menus on the Samsung NX200 (and apparently other NX models) via the following sequence:

  • Turn camera on
  • Select Smart Auto Mode
  • Press Up
  • Press OK
  • Press Down
  • Press OK
  • Press Right
  • Press EV + OK simultaneously

So what can you do with this test menu? Amongst other things, perform a factory reset, set PTP mode for USB connections, and disable the movie record time limit.

Most cameras have debug or test modes built into them. On some cameras these are accessed via holding one or more specific buttons while turning the camera on, others use the Samsung method of button sequence, still others use external triggers through one of the ports (e.g. 10-pin on some Nikon DSLRs). 

Some of the things that live in these hidden menus or functions are useful to users and I don't see why the camera makers hide them (e.g. shutter counts). Others are useful to users but there's a reason the makers hide them (e.g. movie record time limits, because of European tariffs on "video" cameras). Still others are potentially dangerous (lifting of shutdown and error messages, complete factory reset, etc.). 

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