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I've just gotten back for almost two weeks in the field traveling with a host of mirrorless camera and lens offerings. It's surprising how many of those things you can fit into a backpack you normally carry your dual FX camera system in. It's also surprising how heavy the backpack is when you pack it densely with equipment like that ;~).

Obviously, this means reviews are coming, reviews are coming. It's going to take me a bit to get all the editing done on what I've written so far, but you should see the first review or two later this week. 

Just to tantalize you, here's a list of things sitting on my desk at the moment: NEX-6, NEX-7, all the E-mount lenses currently available, OM-D EM-5, E-PM2, all the m4/3 lenses currently available, X-E1, all the Fujifilm lenses available, EOS-M and lenses, the J2 (soon to be joined by the V2) and all the Nikon 1 lenses available. No, I don't have a big desk. These cameras and lenses are relatively small. 

I hope by the end of the year to get the reviews and mini reviews all up to snuff, so stick around for the show.


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