Slight Olympus Firmware Update

Olympus updated the firmware for most of their m4/3 cameras today. The primary change is support for the new VF-4 viewfinder that was announced with the Pen E-P5. Some of the Pen models also got a stability tweak for touch operations during playback:

  • OM-D E-M5 — version 1.7
  • E-P3 — version 1.4
  • E-P2 — version 1.3
  • E-P1 — version 1.4
  • E-PL5 — version 1.2
  • E-PL3 — version 1.4
  • E-PL2 — version 1.4
  • E-PL1 — version 1.3
  • E-PM2 — version 1.2
  • E-PM1 — version 1.1

Olympus' software update site

Note: I've begun adding "current firmware" numbers to the camera and lens database. Right now that's only complete for the Olympus and Nikon cameras, but I'll be filling that out over time.

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