Fujifilm Updates Camera Firmware

In anticipation of the release of the 55-200mm lens, Fujifilm this week released firmware 2.04 for the X-Pro1 camera, and firmware 1.05 for the X-E1 camera. The 55-200mm lens has a slightly different focus motor setup than the previous lenses, so you really want to install the update if you are going to get this lens.

Fujifilm firmware update site

Note to Fujifilm: your naming practices suck. I realize that you're stuck with 8.3 naming conventions due to the absolutely out-of-date DCF specifications that have needed updating for over a decade, but that doesn't mean you have to be dumb about your names. For example, FPUPDATE.DAT and FWUP0001.DAT. Which of these is for which camera? Plus, why is the lens firmware named the same way (FWUP0004.DAT)? And which firmware versions are these, because the numbers actually don't tell us? Someone who has both cameras ends up with duplicate and similar file names after downloading several updates and no way to tell which camera or lens the update is for.  How about XP1_204.DAT and XE1_105.DAT, and L18Z_101.DAT and L18F_101.DAT? Think that might help us users figure out what we've got if you did that? This isn't rocket science, but I have to tell you Fujifilm, you're not even practicing good rock throwing here, let alone rocket science. Yes, this is a rant. But your naming scheme is so 1970's the rant is probably long overdue.

Since Fujifilm won't really tell you what's what, here is the secret decoder ring:

  • FPUPDATE.DAT = X-Pro1 firmware update
  • FWUP0001.DAT = X-E1 firmware update
  • XFUP0001.DAT = 18mm firmware update
  • XFUP0002.DAT = 35mm firmware update
  • XFUP0003.DAT = 60mm firmware update
  • XFUP0004.DAT = 18-55mm firmware update

Unfortunately, Fujifilm reuses the names, so you always need to make sure you have the latest versions of these files. I try to keep a copy of current updates on my computer (including the laptop I travel with), partly because I encounter students that haven't updated their cameras, but also just in case I have to borrow a camera or lens while traveling. This means that when Fujifilm updates a file, I have to overwrite the file on my computer. Overwrites are something you want to avoid, whenever possible. Too easy to accidentally copy the wrong file and go backwards without noticing. 

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