Whoa! What the Heck Happened?

Yeah, just a few new articles, eh? ;~)

Finally, the scope of what I've been up is starting to become visible. First, let's talk about sansmirror.

Yes, all the Fujifilm lenses have just been reviewed. Not one trickle review; all of them (at least the five that are currently available). You can expect me to be doing that from time to time with the other mounts, too. Next up should be the Nikon 1 lenses, though that probably won't be for a few weeks, followed closely by the rest of the many m4/3 lenses I haven't reviewed yet. 

Reviewing all the lenses for a mount in a batch like this is useful to me. I hope it's useful to you, too. Small nuances become very apparent, and it's easier to describe how you might choose certain lenses over others when putting together a set. For instance, the aperture rings on the Fujifilm lenses are inconsistent. Some are loose, some are tight, others in between. It's easier to discover that by testing them all together rather than in onesies as I get the time. Moreover, by testing the 18-55mm alongside the 18mm and 35mm, I could see just how good the zoom is. Real good, as it turns out, and good enough that it lowers my opinion of the 18mm. There are other benefits, too, so expect me to do a lot more of this "batching" in the future. Hopefully the near future.

For you, that means that the lens reviews will fill out for a complete system rather than trickle out across systems. I don't know yet which system will be last (I'm looking at you Samsung), but I'll try to make your wait not too long. 

Meanwhile, you've probably noticed that more B&H links have appeared (I've almost got that project done). That turned out to be more of a chore than I originally thought (just go scroll through the site map for sansmirror; you might be as surprised as I was how many pages there are to go through and check). While I asked last week whether I should do B&H special mirrorless deals as News/Views, I've now decided against it, and have given it a static spot on the site, instead. The B&H [advertiser] deals will now appear on a page not in the menus (see link at right, just below their big ad, if you want to get to the latest). All the deals are dated and elaborated as to what's in them and the discount from the usual cost. Note that this deal page has its own RSS link now should you wish to use automated methods to be notified of new deals.  

If that weren't enough for a couple of days, what's with those filmbodies.com articles listed on the front page? 

Sure enough, Thom's site #3 has made its appearance, soon to be followed by site #4 and then a total refresh of the original site! For the time being, you can track which articles are popping up where from the front page of this site. But I should warn you: I've been pre-writing articles and stockpiling. If you're going to try to keep up with me, you're going to be doing a lot of reading in the near future. Just remember, I don't have a wife, children, or even a girlfriend at the moment, so I may have a bit more time on my hands than you do. And I type well over a 100 words a minute. 

So help me welcome filmbodies.com into the world. If you're still shooting with a Nikon film SLR, or even just shooting film at all, I'll bet that you'll find some choice nuggets over there worth looking at.

Thanks for all your support, and enjoy the coming deluge of articles, reviews, sites, and more.

Oh, one last thing: please don't be shy about using the social pointers on this site. Please like pages (assuming you actually like them), Tweet them (assuming you're atwitter about them), +1 them Google-style (sounds like a song, doesn't it?), or share them via email using the social icons on every page. It really does help in lots of ways. It obviously helps with search engines, but it also helps me see which pages you're really interested in. I can't guarantee that will change what I write about, but I do look at those indicators and try to figure out how to make the site better for all readers. So give me a little click love once in a while. But only if you mean it. 

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