Samsung Introduces the NX500

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Take all the sensor/imaging goodness from the recent NX1 flagship and stick it into the rangefinder body (e.g. NX3000 type) and you have the Samsung NX500, introduced today.

The big news here is the 28mp APS sensor with phase detect autofocus and 4K video capability. In terms of the body itself, it’s pretty much the same body Samsung has been iterating at the lower end for awhile now, and relies on the rear LCD for composing instead of an EVF. Fortunately, that’s a SuperAMOLED display that’s usable in daylight, and now with 1.04m dots. The display is tilting (and can do selfies). 

The other interesting news is that this is a US$799 camera, complete with the compact 16-50mm (24-75mm equivalent) f/3.5-5.6 power zoom lens. 

Of course, the design itself is mostly consumerish. No extra controls and dials other than a Mode dial the usual compact camera buttons in and around the Direction pad.

The camera will be available in March.

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