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Canon has announced that they’ll finally bring the EOS M3 mirrorless model into the US in October, along with the missing M lenses. Price for the body alone will be US$580. The 11-22mm f/4-5.6 will be US$400.

The only problem with this? People in the US have been buying the EOS M3 from overseas at discounted prices as low as US$350. A quick eBay search will find that you can get an EOS M3 from a variety of SE Asian countries for US$400-450 new in box with little hassle, and even the body plus EVF kit for US$500. 

One has to conclude from this that only stupid Americans will buy the EOS M3 at Canon’s official US price. Because the M3 has been available for a long time overseas and supplies exceed demand, the arbitrage opportunity has and continues to exist to undercut CanonUSA. 

I’m worried that we’ll return to the idiotic policies of the film era, where identical cameras were produced with different names for different markets, and others will do the same stupid thing that Nikon has been doing for decades, which is to deny warranty work and even paid-for repair of products originally shipped to somewhere other than the US. 

While I’ll provide the B&H link for the new Canon gear below, I don’t expect anyone to use these links. 

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