Fujifilm Lens & Camera Sale

(news & commentary)

It’s that time of year, and the Japanese camera companies are hungry to push a lot of product out the door. Since I noted the Olympus sale earlier this month, it’s only fair to point out the new Fujifilm sale, which just started and is good through December 26th.

Basically it’s US$150 or US$200 off a wide range of excellent lenses (the 56mm APD is US$400 off). There are real savings to be had here if you’ve been waiting for a particular lens.

Likewise, there are deals on bodies, too. The X-T1 is US$300 off, the X-T10 and X-E2 are US$100 off, the X-A2 is US$50 off.

I’ve created an X lens wish list at B&H if you’d like to see my picks of the litter. Be sure to check out the notes section for each lens. B&H doesn’t allow me more than a tweet’s worth of characters there, but I’ve tried to describe why these lenses made the list. 

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