Zeiss Adds Third Loxia Lens: 21mm

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bythom zeiss loxia 21mm.jpg

Zeiss today introduced a third Loxia lens for the Sony FE-mount, the Loxia 21mm f/2.8. This modest-sized manual-focus lens is a Distagon-type design and will sell for US$1499. As with other Loxia lenses, this new lens comes with a tool to make the apertures “click-less” for video use. Indeed, one should note that all the Loxia lenses (others include 35mm and 50mm) for the Sony FE cameras feature the same diameter barrels, so those using follow focus accessories don’t have to re-adjust the rig after changing lenses. Likewise, all the Loxia lenses have 52mm filter threads.

The Loxia 21mm is weather protected at the lens mount, and the lens itself is made entirely of metal, making it robust. While Zeiss touts the lens as having low linear distortion, note that this claim is made with “camera correction ‘on’” and for a relatively short focus distance (.75m). 

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