Fujifilm Surprises

To kick off the CP+ show in Japan Fujifilm managed to still have a couple of surprises, despite their big official announcement earlier.

The first surprise is the new lens roadmap (and it contains the other surprise). Fujifilm has three X (and 2 Sony E mount!) lenses scheduled for 2017. But now the roadmap has been extended to 2018 and we see a new ultra wide angle zoom lens and a long telephoto prime lens. The best guess is that these are an 8-16mm f/2.8 and a fast 200mm. 

bythom fujifilm roadmap

But the roadmap also reveals the other surprise: video-specific lenses for both the Fujifilm X and the Sony E mount: 18-55mm t/2.9 and 50-135mm t/2.9

bythom fujifilm 18-55
bythom fujifilm 50-135

Yep, those are definitely video lenses. Both feature three geared rings with identical placements for easy rigging, have minimal focal length breathing and optical shift during focus operators, and both are marked as videographers prefer, with clear, focus-puller oriented markings. Matte box placement would be identical for both lenses.

Interestingly, the E mount versions of the lenses will come first, with the 18-55mm available next month and the 50-135mm this summer. Note that these lenses cover APS and Super35 sized sensors, not full frame. X mount versions will come after the E mount versions. 

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