Lots of Olympus Gear on Sale

I asked earlier this year if you wanted to hear more about significant discounts on good products, even if that seems a bit on the promotional side, and the overwhelming response was yes, as long as the discounts were meaningful.

Olympus seems to have almost all of their good lenses on sale at the moment, with some turning into real bargains.

For example, the excellent 25mm f1.8 and my favorite 45mm f/1.8 are now effectively US$300, with the latter a bargain at that price. Most of the Pro lenses all have US$100 off, as well, with the recent 12-100mm f/4 and 300mm f/4 being about the only exceptions (though these are discounted if you buy them in conjunction with an E-M1 Mark II body). A fast, sharp mid-range zoom (12-40mm f/2.8) at US$900 is a bit of a bargain compared to what you'd pay in other systems, and even the 40-150mm f/2.8 at US$1400 is at the lower end of pricing expectations for a really good telephoto zoom.

Bodies are another story. At the moment, no real discounting going on for Olympus bodies except for a few holdover older cameras. 

As a reminder, here are my current recommended Olympus lenses and their currently discounted price (links for reviews):

Note: I haven't tested the 8mm f/1.8 fisheye (US$900) and 300mm f/4 (US$2500) yet, but I expect them to be added to this list when I do. Remember, the crop factor for m4/3 is 2x, so basically double the focal length to see how these compare against full frame lenses.

Every one of the lenses I list above is arguably excellent on current Olympus and Panasonic m4/3 bodies, and in several cases beyond excellent. 

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