Canon's New Entry Mirrorless Camera

bythom canon eos m100

Canon today added a third dual-pixel, 24.2mp APS-C mirrorless camera to round out their current lineup: the EOS M100.

This entry level camera shares a lot of the key components and feature set with the M5 and M6 models, but cuts down on the number of controls and a few of the deeper features. Compared to the EOS M10 that it basically replaces in the lineup, the new M100 has 24mp instead of 18mp, the dual-pixel focusing system on the imaging sensor, some additional video functions, and more shots per battery. 

Compared to the M6, the next camera up in the lineup, the M100 is a little smaller (though without a hand grip), has a slower frame rate, fewer dedicated controls, and drops some of the higher end functions, such as the combination IS. At US$600 for the camera/lens kit, the M100 is also US$300 cheaper than the M6. 

The new camera is available in black or white, and is scheduled to be available in October.

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