Olympus E-M10 Hits Mark III

bythom olympus em10iii wlens

The tiniest DSLR-like in Olympus' lineup got a refresh today. The E-M10 Mark III doesn't really change a lot, as it continues to use the 16mp sensor and other parts from the previous Mark II model. Indeed, the body itself is virtually unchanged.

Most of the changes come in nuances to modes and handling. We get a new AP mode that gives faster access to things like Live Composite, Live Time, Multiple Exposure, HDR, and bracketing without having to menu dive (thank goodness; I can never remember which lives where). The autofocus system has been raised from 81 contrast points to 121. 4K video has been added, as well. I'd call this a quite modest update, but it does smooth off a few rough edges. 

The new camera should be available in the middle of September in black or panda (silver over black) forms, for US$650 body only. 

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