Nikon Versus Canon Mirrorless

Lots of discussion about "which is better?" So here's the last of my spec comparison charts

Let's see if I can try to get the feature advantages/disadvantages right. I'm going to try to stay away from as many subjective things as possible for the moment, and stick mostly to verifiable differences.

First for the EOS R versus Nikon Z6:

  • Canon Advantage: more pixels (30.3 versus 24.5)
  • Canon Advantage: better EVF eyepoint (23mm versus 21mm)
  • Canon Advantage: more focus points (5655 versus 273)
  • Canon Advantage: articulating LCD instead of tilting
  • Canon Advantage: -6 EV focus (though rated with f/1.2 lens, single shot)
  • Canon Advantage: higher bit rate on 4K recorded internally  (480Mbps versus 144)
  • Canon Advantage: C-RAW sizes
  • Canon Advantage: larger buffer
  • Canon Advantage: higher CIPA shots/charge (350 versus 310 at same test)
  • Canon Advantage: available BG-E22 vertical grip

  • Nikon Advantage: slightly larger mount opening (55/16mm versus 54/20mm)
  • Nikon Advantage: IBIS in camera instead of IS on lenses
  • Nikon Advantage: faster 1080P frame rate (120 versus 60 fps)
  • Nikon Advantage: slightly higher ISO range (51,200 versus 40,000 without boost)
  • Nikon Advantage: XQD cards (faster buffer clearing)
  • Nikon Advantage: higher EVF magnification (.8 versus .76)
  • Nikon Advantage: max 12 fps (versus 8 fps)(also faster with focus)
  • Nikon Advantage: price
  • Nikon Advantage: no 4K crop
  • Nikon Advantage: 200k shutter cycles versus 150k
  • Nikon Advantage: focus stacking support

As I get deeper into the comparisons, I'll add/correct this list. But as of the date below, it's as accurate as I can produce at the moment.

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