Sony Versus Canon Mirrorless

I did it for Nikon versus Sony, so it's only fair I do the same thing for Canon versus Sony (and maybe Canon versus Nikon?) Lots of discussion about "which is better?" 

Let's see if I can try to get the feature advantages/disadvantages right. I'm going to try to stay away from as many subjective things as possible for the moment, and stick mostly to verifiable differences.

First for the EOS R versus A7m3:

  • Canon Advantage: more pixels (30.2 versus 24.2)
  • Canon Advantage: better EVF eyepoint (23mm versus 18.5mm)
  • Canon Advantage: better LCD (2.1m dot versus 921k, 3.15" versus 3")
  • Canon Advantage: fuller touchscreen implementation
  • Canon Advantage: more focus points (5655 versus 693)
  • Canon Advantage: -6 EV focus (though rated with f/1.2 lens, single shot)
  • Canon Advantage: higher bit rate on 4K recorded internally  (480Mbps versus 100)
  • Canon Advantage: external battery charger included
  • Canon Advantage: better grip/controls (yes subjective, but I believe true)
  • Canon Advantage: top LCD for status
  • Canon Advantage: larger mount opening
  • Canon Advantage: cleaner hot pixel correction algorithms (no star eater)
  • Canon Advantage: more raw format choice (C-RAW sizes, etc.)

  • Sony Advantage: two slots (one is slower, though)
  • Sony Advantage: more native lenses currently available (25+ versus 3)
  • Sony Advantage: existing third-party lens support
  • Sony Advantage: higher CIPA shots per charge rate
  • Sony Advantage: IBIS in camera instead of IS on lenses
  • Sony Advantage: slightly smaller/lighter
  • Sony Advantage: dedicated exposure compensation dial
  • Sony Advantage: powered flash hot shoe connector
  • Sony Advantage: larger buffer
  • Sony Advantage: free CaptureOne (Sony limited version)
  • Sony Advantage: 8 fps live view continuous versus 5 fps
  • Sony Advantage: faster 1080P frame rate (120 versus 60 fps)
  • Sony Advantage: higher EVF refresh rate possible (120Hz versus 60Hz)
  • Sony Advantage: slightly higher ISO range (51,200 versus 40,000 without boost)
  • Sony Advantage: no 4K crop
  • Sony Advantage: lower price
  • Sony Advantage: 1/250 flash sync
  • Sony Advantage: Eye detect focus in more focus modes 

As I get deeper into the comparisons, I'll add/correct this list. But as of the date below, it's as accurate as I can produce at the moment.

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