Lots of Site Changes Today

I had over 100 reviews in progress (both mirrorless and Nikon DSLR-related) when I started this site. There are a lot of details to try to get right. That said, I've decided to start posting some of the pending reviews in not-quite-complete form. By that, I mean that the text is complete, but sample images are still in progress (partly because my travel schedule has kept me from my studio and desktop system where I do controlled samples). Instead of waiting for a few images, I've decided to start posting some of the reviews. Today I tackle Panasonic m4/3 cameras, with a rewritten GF1 and new GF3, GX1, and G3 reviews. I'm hoping to have new batches of reviews every couple of weeks for the next couple of months until I catch up.

You'll note that the Camera section now has been further organized. Reviews now appear in manufacturer sections within the Camera Review sections. I've got a lot of reasons for this: first, as I start fully populating this site, you're going to find that there are hundreds of articles/reviews/pages. Organization with a very defined structure is key, and I'll be using a folder/subfolder type of structure to keep everything straight. Second, on very small screens, long menu lists are problematic, as they'll scroll off where they can't be hit. Thus, you'll find that container pages (e.g. Camera Reviews, Panasonic Camera Reviews) tend to always have links for things they contain. Thus, on a really small screen you should be able to tap on Cameras, then tap on Camera Reviews, then tap on an individual review. On desktops with bigger screens, the menus work better and faster for most people.

But wait, if you order now you'll get…There's another new but nascent article on the site: Other Web Sites. I'm slowly collecting a list of related sites and adding links for those that I find useful in some way. If you have any candidates that aren't on the list, let me know.

Thanks to all the people who've helped find small errors and confusing wording. I appreciate your help in trying to make this the best possible site it can be.

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