More m4/3 Announcements

The E-M1 2.0 firmware update is now available. Eight new functions are included: tethered shooting, live composite mode for star trails, keystone compensation, the Vintage and Partial Color Art Filters, Aperture Lock for DOF Preview, Panning Shot mode, Old Film effect for videos, and a new Photo Story mode. In addition, 16 operability changes were made: reduction of EVF lag to 16ms, multiple settings in Live Guide, exposure compensation in HDR shooting, 3x mode in Live View, peaking focus has been improved, plus more. 

The 60mm f/2.8 macro lens software was also updated to version 1.1. Olympus also announced something called the Open Platform, a collaboration with MIT that basically looks like a Sony QX-1, but with an m4/3 mount.

nokton 10mm.jpg

Voigtlander introduced a new Nokton 10mm f/0.95 manual focus lens for the m4/3 mount.

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