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He's done a little bit of everything...some of it well.

Thom Hogan is the primary author and owner of this site. Thom's resume reads like a random walk, albeit an interesting one. Author of over three dozen books that combined have sold over a million copies worldwide, Thom also had a career at the forefront of a number of high tech startups. That's included companies that:

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  • Created the first mass-produced portable computer (Osborne Computer; Thom was Director of Software).
  • Developed the first complete pen-based operating system built entirely from scratch and completely object-oriented to its core (GO's Penpoint; Thom was Senior Evangelist).
  • Designed the first consumer digital camera (QuickCam; Thom was Business Unit Manager).
  • Developed the first table publishing program (Tycho TableMaker; Thom was the founder and product designer, and headed up marketing and sales).

Along the way, Thom has been a professional symphony musician (Spokane Symphony), a television director/producer (KWSU, KTIU), a filmmaker, a university instructor (filmmaking and television production at Indiana University), the lead editor of several publications (including Infoworld), and even worked on a feature film ("The George Dunlap Tape," which eventually became "Brainstorm").

A frequent traveler, Thom spends much of his time photographing the wilds and teaching photography workshops in some of America's most interesting outdoor locales. Thom is a former board member of the American Hiking Society and a frequent contributor to environmental causes. 

Thom's most recent "real job" (as his dad called it) was a three-year stint as Executive Editor of BACKPACKER magazine. While he loves what he's doing and continues to crank out new books and articles, Thom says he'd consider another real job if it involved another "big thing."

Thom is an alum of the Edward R. Murrow School of Broadcasting, the IU Media School, and the Kelley School of Business.

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