What lenses can I use with the FT-1 adapter on the Nikon 1?

Virtually any F-mount lens (at least up to the point where it stresses the mount; see below). Here is the simple 411:

  • VR lenses: VR works (use the switches on the lens to activate; VR is on constantly when the switch is On, which will drain battery faster)
  • AF-I, AF-S, HSM lenses: Autofocusing works (AF-S, center point only)
  • older AF lenses: Autofocusing is not performed; you must manually focus the lens, though a focus aid is available
  • MF lenses: You must be in Manual or Aperture-priority exposure mode if lens is not chipped; focus aid is available for chipped lenses

* Chipped lenses are ones that what Nikon calls a CPU, and pass lens information onto the camera. Nikon AI-P lenses are chipped. Nikon AI and AI-S lenses can be chipped by third parties, and a few were chipped by Nikon repair depots as an extra cost option for awhile.

Beginning with the J5 and V3 Nikon started limiting which big lenses could be used with the adapter, apparently because of concern that the really large telephoto lenses could cause stress on the lens mount of the camera and create misalignment.

Nikon’s current FT-1 Compatibility Chart

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