Veydra Video Lenses

The Veydra video lenses for the m4/3 or E-mount are all matching in style and key specifications. The focus and aperture gears are in the same place relative to the mount on each of the lenses, allowing you to keep your focus pull rig the same while changing lenses. The lenses also all have the same front size (80mm) and filter ring size (77mm), which is matte box friendly. All the lenses are t/2.2 maximum aperture and have fairly close minimum focus distances with a very long focus ring throw (typically 300°). Finally, the lenses don’t focal length breath when focusing. The 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm lenses are all available in E-mount; the full set is available in m4/3 mount.

An 85mm lens was pre-announced. 

Update: As of 8/31/2019 it appears that Veydra has gone out of business. One of the co-founders posted on Facebook that on-going litigation between the founders resulted in the closing of the business.

The Veydra lens Web site

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