Canon R1 Gets a Development Announcement

The roles have reversed. 

Back at the Tokyo Olympics (2021 due to COVID delays), Canon had a pro camera ready (R3) and Nikon had a prototype (Z9). For the Paris Olympics (2024, begins end of July), Nikon now has a top pro camera that's been reiterated five times (Z9), and Canon will now have a prototype (R1). 

bythom canon r1

Today Canon posted a Development Announcement for the R1, with the only substantive information being that there is a newly developed adjunct image processor (Digic Accelerator) and new CMOS sensor. Strong hints at changes to the focus system and what it can recognize were also given. 

A photo of the front of the new R1 allows comparison with the R3: the R1 is a little bigger and continues Canon's swoopy design ethos.  

Update: some retailers around the world briefly posted, then withdrew, some additional information: 

  • 30mp stacked image sensor
  • Fast readout speed allows 1/1250s flash sync
  • Frame rates from 40 fps (low compression raw) to 60 fps (higher compression raw), with a maximum of 240 fps (probably JPEG)
  • Increased dynamic range over R3

It's unclear if this information is accurate, however it was interesting that multiple stores seemed to have posted additional information and then withdrew it.

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