35mm f/1.2

bythom 7artisans 35mm

A manual focus normal lens. Two versions of this lens exist, the original, and a II version. The II version has some minor spec changes (see below)

  • Coverage: crop sensor (DX) 
  • Mounts: Canon M, Fujifilm XF, Nikon Z, m4/3, Sony E
  • Optic design:
    • 5 elements in 6 groups 
  • Aperture:
    • f/1.2 to f/22
    • 9-blade aperture diaphragm (declicked) on original, 10-blade (clicked) on II
  • Filter/Accessories:
    • 46mm filter thread
  • Focus:
    • Manual focus
    • 14" (.35m) minimum focus, .28m on II
    • DOF markings at f/4, f/8, f/16, and f/22
  • Size and weight:
    • 1.3” (32mm) long
    • 1.8" (45.6mm) diameter
    • 5.3 ounces (150g) weight
  • Option: Black or Silver
  • Price: US$156
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