Panasonic Introduces the G9 II

bythom panasonic g9ii

Generally the Japanese companies don't schedule releases on the same day as each other, much like blockbuster movies try to avoid bumping up against each other. However, besides getting the "big sensor" announcement from Fujifilm in the GFX100 II, we also get the "small sensor" announcement from Panasonic in the G9 II.

After almost six years since the original G9, the big news with the G9 II is that it features a 25mp image sensor (same as the GH6), but with phase detect autofocus. While the video specs look impressive on the G9 II, it's probably the still photography goods that get your attention first: 60 fps electronic shutter with focus, no black out up to 3 seconds, pre-release capture, and a very complete set of controls, including a well positioned thumb pad. On the video side we get 4K/60P 4:2:2 10-bit (120P 8-bit), V-Log, real-time LUT application, and more. All wrapped in a dustproof and splash proof body that is identical to the Panasonic S5 II. The Rear LCD gets an upgrade, but the EVF remains the same dot count. Alongside the image sensor, Panasonic is again using Leica's L2 image processing techniques, a partnership that started with the S5 II.

With the G9 II the OM-1 now has a fairly clear competitor at the top of the m4/3 choices. 

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